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Winch use killing the battery ?

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So yesterday I was in mountains doing a little snow bashing as I like to call it . I got stuck in a pretty big drift and needed to winch out. Probably 10-15 second of use with the winch it completely killed my charging system/ battery . I had no other lights on or anything only draw would have been the winch. I know they sell a $600 alternator kit but I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem there is another way around blowing the money on that .
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Was this the first time using the winch? If so, check for a wiring problem. If not, I would suspect a battery issue, not a bad charging system. 10-15 seconds should have zero affect on the machine.
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Yea something is up. I used my last winch quite a bit with no alternator and never experienced what you have. If the maching is running it should work for much longer than that.
My charging system handles my Warn 4500 easily. Something isn't right.
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