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What do you think about the KRX's curved roll over protective structure?

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While there isn't much out yet about the KRX, the one thing that stands out is the curved roll over protective structure (ROPS) that Kawasaki has developed.

According to Kawasaki's patent application from a couple of years ago, the idea is that the curved shape will help the KRX flip over easier.
“Since the outline of the ROPS is formed in a curved shape, in the case of a rollover of a vehicle body, the ROPS can easily roll on the ground surface. The combination of the configuration of the ROPS and the gravitational force exerted on the low position of the center of gravity…the vehicle can easily be set up from a rolled over situation.”
I think this is a really smart idea by Kawasaki and will really help the KRX stand out from the competition. Hopefully the rolled bars do their job and make it easier to flip it right side up. What does everyone else think about this design?
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This has the potential to be a game changer for Kawasaki. I've had to flip side by sides up in the past and they can be a huge pain. I'm really looking forward to seeing videos test the ROPS to see how it does.
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