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Hi guys, I was wondering if I could get some ideas as I am fairly new to the UTV world. I have a 2020 with approx. 1400 miles on it. I have read and searched the topics of grooves in the clutch, which I had been checking periodically and it wasn't an issue until recently. On one ride I noticed the buggy was acting like it was shifting gears and I immediately thought about the clutch weights and the groove. Sure enough pulled the cover to blow it all out and I had a small groove in the clutch surface and the weights look to be pretty worn too.

So my questions are, since I am out of warranty, what are the options for the clutch? I will call Kawasaki and see if I can get them to replace since it seems to be a common issue but not holding out much hope for that. Can I continue to ride until the clutch groove gets much worse, or will that cause a whole lot of other problems? Can just the pulley be replaced? I only have a groove in the smaller pulley (is that the primary?).

Any advice would be great.
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