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What’s a good price?

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Thinking about buying a sxs don’t know what a good price is.. had plenty of sleds, motorcycles, all the toys.. the wife and I want the 2021Teryx 1000 trail But,everywhere we go they want MSRP is there room on these things or they sell that good that they sell at the highest price?
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From another newby, welcome!

Right now it is a sellers market in my area. My local dealer from whom I have bought a bunch of sleds, utvs, bikes from over the years, told me the demand is so strong that he is being offered deposits on not yet shipped units. He wishes he had more stock in the worst way. I saw my first KRX in his the shop in for crash repairs, not on showroom floor.

The dealer I ended up with had two units in stock and one of them (the color I wanted ) was a pending deal. When it fell through I jumped on it as a search indicated there are only handful of KRXs in the whole state at the moment.....all at list,or higher, prices. List is price is what's happening here at the moment. That said, I got a ~8% discount off of list for the accessories package I added to the sale.

I live in an area that has riding conditions that make a KRX appealing. Your area may be different.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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