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Hi, Wetside Wa. We have a 2018 Teryx4 as well. Our second Teryx. Great utv. New KRX was 1st from our dealer to be sold and is build # 119. Green of course. We have Cab package and Ryco street kit as well as Skids and MTX sound bar. Had few issues with it which were first milky oil, Kawa changed it for us, second I demanded Kawa have dealer check/torque clutch bolts, before any recall in Nov. also driver rear axle came out of diff which was dangerous. Kawa fixed it under warranty and complimentary 20hr oil service. Thanks Kawasaki, you all rock! Floor drains SUCK so I drill 4 holes in each of em, now work great. Those darn Philips screws bottom of rockers and such are gonna piss ya off! Had to drill out 4. Over tightened. KRX is fun. Handles good, suspension (softened) is great. Comfort and clutching has been top notch. Still little loud imop. Oh the fuel gauge is a piece of garbage, I have 20hrs on it now and some tough ones not easy strolls on roads. I do like these 31" tires. This is far superior to my 2018 RZR. Glad to be permanently off quads as traded those in. KRX turns good and is doing well in the mnt and trails and mud of Wa.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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