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Trail Eater

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Just over 200 miles on the KRX on two different trail systems/riding areas in Wa. State and this thing is a beast. Kinda seems like cheating how easy it does the 4x4 trails rated as most difficult. Also have a YXZ1000R which is no slouch but the KRX does it easier.

With the 2021's there should be some good prices on remaining 2020 models. I picked mine up for less than MSRP and it was already equipped with Bumpers F/R, Winch, Mirror, Spare Tire and Strap, Alternator, Roof.

When I noticed it had the alternator I made a remark about being able to run all the electronics I wanted to, the salesman misheard me and said "if you are planning on too many accessories you will want/need to buy the alternator kit separately". I just kept my mouth shut after that since I do not think he knew there were $3000 worth of added accessories on that unit when he gave me the base model price.

Oil change and audio system install this weekend.
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Welcome @Mike450r.

Were you looking at (and even tested) any other UTV's before deciding on the KRX? Polaris and Honda have some great options as well although Polaris owners seem to be running into the more problems. On that note, have you experienced any problem or concerns yet? Also, how are you going about the oil change (brand, oil type, etc)?
I have driven and researched other brands. One selling feature was the centrifugal clutch to belt system. I liked the build strength/quality and am somewhat Japanese brand loyal. I wanted it for a mudder/crawler. Appears to be best bang for the buck. Already have the YXZ1000R for hauling ass. No problems through 200 miles.

I will use Amsoil 4 stroke oil
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