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Squeeking from rear suspension 110miles on it
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10 hrs on mine. Lots of squeek/noise from front end area of mine. I hearing it at just off idle 5mph I have not figured out where it is coming from yet.
I've seen someplace where somebody said to use a ujoint needle to slip under the boot and grease the rod ends. Mine isnt doing it.
I have a needle greaser but it pokes a hole in the boot
Ok so had a couple buddies over the squeaking got so bad standing on the rock sliders and jumping up and down makes the noise...so the left read upper link is so tight it won't move you can't twist it... tommorow I will remove it and see what's going on... As a buddy jumped on the rock sliders and I twisted the upper back link the squeaking went away ...
Squeezing fixed
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Good to know. Thanks for sharing the info.
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