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Hi All,

New member and 2021 KRX 1000se owner. Have 500 miles on the beast now. Have done a ton of things to it. Latest was Shock Therapy 2-Stage springs, dust seal kit and a Dynojet PV3 tuner.

Springs: Worth every penny and the service from Shock Therapy was nothing short of exceptional. Ride is awesomely smooth now. Full speed over whoops and the silent crossovers are worth their weight in gold.Our ride was super noisy before and dead quiet now. Our machine was sagging and now have a nice 15” ride height. I would buy them again.
Kawasaki Dust Seal Kit: Easy to install and after two rides where we normally go and get covered with dust, now there is at least an 80% decrease in dust. It’s mot perfect and I’ve went and sealed other small openings around the doors, but all in all, a much better ride.

Dynojet PV3: With the 1 available tune I can tell a power band increase in the mid speed range. Low end lag is a bit better it seems but there is still some lag I feel. The engine seems to run 5 or so degrees Fahrenheit lower it seems. I try to replicate rides and day temps when testing, but not scientific.

I also wrapped the coolant lines completely in foam pipe insulation and the cab heat seems to be down a little bit but not gone completely.

Live in Utah and love the KRX. It handles like a dream.

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