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could it be possible this is an assembly and fit problem? Check the cracks on the broken out pieces and see if there are any dark areas on it.. this would indicate that it was cracked for a while... also check the fit.. does the shock go in the mount tight or loose... bending the bottom ears when tightened... Also what does the bolt look like ? Does the bolt fit in the hole correctly? or is the mount hole two times larger than it needs to be... then take out the bottom or another shock bolt measure the length and compare it to the broken out one.. maybe the crap bolts they have on this is are stretching... It appears to me first glance that it was running loose. Most likely it wasn't loose when the shock went in but on design it may not be possible to keep tight! Have you ever taken the shocks off your pickup and noticed a large thick washer with seared star edges on one side to prevent the shock from moving around?
Thanks for sharing and keep up posted on the fix please.. Kawi should step up but if not ... time to drag out the mig welder and get creative..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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