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Seat Belt bypass / override

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For those of you running a harness etc, what seat belt over ride plug are you using. There seems to be a bunch out there in the 10.00 or so range. Are they all the same pretty much? Just plug in and go?
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Some folks cut the wires and connect them. Add some solder and tape them up good. Any of the pre-made loop connector should do the job also.
Interested in this as well.......was riding this weekend and all the sudden the drivers side seat belt sensor developed a short and would show unconnected even tho it was connected. I had to hold the seat belt connector at just the right position for it to "read" connected and allow me to go over 5mph. Now I know why the bypass/override is available.

I just did my last one myself and saved the $20.
We bought the 6 point from Kawasaki and had the dealer install them. I bought the bypass plug but after a little looking, it's much easier to take the cover off of the latch and use a tiny zip tie to tie the micro switch shut. Takes a size 10 torx with the security end that has a tiny hole. (the torx heads have a small stud in the center like you see in bathroom stalls) Super easy fix. Looks to me like you pretty much have to take out the console to use the bypass loop plug. Anyway, this was easy and works fine.....but don't ride without a seat belt:)
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So the micro switch is on the part the buckle clicks into? Is it pretty clear what needs to be zip tied?
Blatant, Yes. Take apart the buckle end that has the wire going in to it. Once apart it's very obvious what needs to be done. Good luck.
Thx you Sir.
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