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When I sold my X.3 I took off my S&B separator and installed it on my KRX . Works great, I checked my filter several times on the X.3 and the filter always looked brand new with no dust accumulation. It had 7000 km on it. This is the adaptor I used.
I used a piece of 3 inch ABS pipe as a coupling between this adaptor and the S&B intake hose with gear clamps . The cross rail is a piece of perforated galvanized angle steel from Home Depot . Our store head two different metal thicknesses. I made the mistake in using the thinner one which twists very easily, so I scrap that and bought the heavier one which works great. Will also allow back up lights or anything else to be attached. Princess auto had The tube clamps on sale for about $15 for the pair. The crossbar was spray-painted with stone guard.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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