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Reverse lights

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Does the KRX have a plug and play connection to hook up reverse light ??
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I also want to know this? My T4 does and its amazing. Very hard to see at night in reverse krx. A set pods up high on a rocker switch seems to be whats needed.
  1. I am working on getting some light behind my KRX. Thought about pod lights with a rocker switch but I think I figured out a way to have them come on when I shift to reverse. I will let everyone know how it turns out. The cost is less then 30 bucks if it works...
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I’m interested in your reverse lights let us know.
So I now have led reverse lights on my KRX. It was a bit more in depth then I thought but was able to have then come on just like they would in a car.

This is what I used

1 package of Truck Tuff 4" Led lights from Menards $12.00
1 Push button for horn or ignition $8.99
1 3" L bracket
1 Large washer
15' of 14 gauge black and red stranded wire

Now I am kinda a Macgyver of sorts. l knew I wanted to have reverse lights and that I wanted them to come on when I put my machine in reverse. So bought those little lights from Menards and they fit on the brake lights and looked pretty good and they are bright enough to allow me to see behind when backing up. The 3M tape seems to hold well but time will tell. I started on the passenger side rear and worked my way to the driver's side. You will need to add wiring to the led since they are not that long. I spliced the passenger side and drivers side led lights together then ran the wire into the cab. Once again I had to take out the center console and seats to make sure I had enough room to work. You will have to remove the rubber gasket from behind the shifter to be able to access that area. Now I took the 3" L bracket and did some measurements to get it to fit directly behind the shift lever when it is in reverse. I took the washer and flatten one side and welded it to the L bracket. I used a step bit to enlarge the center of the washer until the switch would slide in. I used a self tapping bolt to attach the reverse switch bracket I made to the back of the shifter housing. Bring your ground all the way to the ground block behind the dash. Then run the power to one side of the switch and the other side of the switch goes to the power side of the LEDs. I included some photos and am pretty happy the way it turned out.
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