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Rear fender mounting bracket/hardware.

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So I have discovered a serious flaw in frame design. The brackets that rear fender bolts to. Behind door is one welded tab on frame. Sticks out off frame aprox 2". other is down low and is a bolt on L bracket. BOTH of these easily bend. 1 is replacable, 1 isnt, its welded on frame tubing. When you lean a bank, or push/rub a tree or rollover these bend easily. Ya might not notice it at first but its bent. All of mine are bent from tree rubbing or bank rubbing. I now must take off rear fenders to bend top brackets and replace or bend the lower bolt ons. This really sucks. I imagine after a bit the tops will just break off!!! Then what? Welding on your frame is what. After I get it apart I might weld/box these brackets to try n prevent bending again. This isnt a good design imop. It should have been bolt on bracket like bottom is.
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