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Rear Axles

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Has anyone heard about the rear axles coming loose and popping out? My Dealer has fixed a few and I'm waiting on them to see if mine needs the fix?
Are both sides suppose to be the same? My Passenger side CV is right up against the Differential while my Drivers side appears to be about 1/4 - 3/8"
out from the Differential? Unless that's a lip different from the other side? I don't know but now I'm afraid to drive it until I know for sure?
Can someone please verify if yours are spaced like mine? Thanks!

Passenger Rear Axle and Diff

Driver Side Rear Axle and Diff
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Yours looks fine but dont trust my judgement. Mine came out and it is bad. It gets spooky at high speed on road when it comes out and ya hit the throttle. Not cool. Plus can cause damage to diff n axle. Take it apart n give a pull, you will know if its not locked in. Factory didnt "slam" em in strong enough for circlip to lock.
2020 with 500 miles. Checked mine after reading a few posts. Driver side had popped out. I shoved it back in and took a run down the road. Popped out again. Took it into the dealer and they ended up checking it out per Kawasaki and they changed out both rear axles. Can’t be leave that stock axles cost $750 each. Glad it was warranty.
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326 miles on my KRX and the driver side axle floated out. Assembled 8/2020. Machine has not been drove hard since I bought it. Dealer will be open in 2 days and I'll give them a call to get it in under the warranty.
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