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Oil level window fogged

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So I've done some looking around my new machine. Haven't taken to the trails yet (good thing too. You'll see why) and I found a couple of things. First, my brake fluid reservoir lid was off. Just sitting there. Fluid all over the outside of the reservoir. If I had taken on the trails could have spelled disaster if I lost my brakes.
Second, my oil level window is fogged over with some kind of residue on the inside. Has anyone else seen this? I've owned many machines with site windows for oil level and NEVER seen something like this.
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I had similar issue. Change oil, Dealer should do it free. It is condensation from sitting n starting. Engine needs to get hot to burn off h2o. Mine was the same. Better now after many hard miles...
Mine is just ever so slight after sitting and cooling down for a day or so. It goes away when warm. I was slightly alarmed at first but then i realized... the more you can see and know about a machine, the more you will worry and wondery “why”. Just condensation from the outside being cooler than the inside and given that the crank case is ventilated, humidity levels outside will change how much condensation seen on the glass.
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