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Joining this forum today for my new KRX and hopefully to share the good and bad on my first Kawasaki SxS. Need to catch up on all the discussion items I've seen posted and in time, will give my experiences with the new product. I've been a Polaris guy since 1999 and still own a Sportsman, Ranger, and General. When I ordered the KRX, I ordered the "I want it all" package, and ordered 5 new wheels and 32", 10 ply tires for the beast even though the original equipment seemed pretty decent. Owner reviews prompted the wheel/tire upgrade. Have next to no miles on the unit, but 2 issues caused me to join your group for some insights. The 1st question is in regard to the alternator that was added for the heavy lighting power load. The belt driven alternator is completely open on the backside and will at some point be submerged in not so clean water/mud. The dealer says "no problem". Any thoughts or concerns on this?
The second is the front axle reaction in very tight turning radius condition. Feels like the 4x4 is turned on and the front axle is not free turning for different front wheel speeds. My dealer has been closed, so I can't talk to the mechanic about this. Maybe a simple fix by doing something like backing up to relieve and drive line tension.
Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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