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Hi everyone! Just traded in the KRX1000 ES for the KRX4 ES.
Took a trip down to Moab this weekend and did part of behind the rocks. Machine did amazing, even in the snow.
Planning on lots of trips to Moab this summer and would love to hit the trails with anyone.

Kawasaki beadlocks
35-inch KM3 UTV
Kawasaki nerf bars
Kawasaki front camera
Full Access shifter
Full Access rollover valve
Full Access transmission skid plate
Tusk spare tire carrier
Ruthless windshield
Dynojet PV3
Seizmik Mirrors
Ryco Turn signal kit
(Getting a new roof soon)

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I try to get out to Moab once a year, but only in the spring or fall. Definitely a one of a kind place.
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