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I’ve got a 5-gallon SureCan, it’s 2+ years old. It works great for lawnmowers. Not so much SXS’s because of the angle. On a lawnmower you can get the nozzle almost vertical. For a SXS I prefer a racing fuel jug. Something like this:
VP Racing Fuels Motorsport 5 Gallon Square Plastic Utility Jug Blue & 14 Inch Hose https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AVQCCCW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_EQ7WSHWN1QZ8PPPA8FQ5?psc=1

But mine is an LC2 brand, it has the second handle at the bottom.

Note: these types are not for gasoline.;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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