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I researched the other brands and chose MTS over other, for several reasons to include spring quality (Hypercoil), guarantee on spring and shock tune, customer service and availability. I messaged MTS on Facebook, agreed on price for full tune ($1650 otd), and set an appointment for 5 days later. We drove to Phoenix, dropped the buggy off at 0800 and picked it up at 1500. Before I left, they made me put their shock doctor, Ned’s personal cell phone number in my phone.
Today we test rode 20 miles over familiar trails and washes here in Arizona.
1. Ride height has a new standardafter the ride 15.5 rear and 16 front.
2. New standard in ride quality blew me away. Wastes that used to slow us to 25, we blazed over 40 and could have done more.
3. The rebound out of the corners made it feel so much more fun and faster.
4.Whoops at damn near full throttle were passed over like we flew. Reminded me of trophy trucks.
Overall, we have much more adjusting to do and it will get even better. It has made the machine faster through the roughest stuff and once I add better tires and clutch weights, look out.pics below from today my face says it all. I also have a video but couldn’t figure out how to upload.
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