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Here is a quick reference for mounting tires on your beadlock wheels.
This came from my Tusk beadlock wheels, so be sure you know what your final torque numbers are for the wheels you are using!

Beadlock Instructions:
1. Remove the beadlock ring from the wheel using a 1/2” socket.
2. Apply tire lube to the inside tire bead only. Do not lube the outside tire bead area.
3. Pay close attention to the tires direction before installing on to the wheel. Mount the inner bead onto the wheel starting from the beadlock side.
4. Seat the outer bead in the shoulder of the inner beadlock ring. Carefully check to see that the tire is centered on correctly on the wheel. Take note of any valve stem location markings on your tire.
5. Replace the beadlock ring on to the tire and inner bead ring. Align the bolt holes from the outer ring with the inner ring.
6. Apply anti -seize or another lubricant to the threads of each bolt before threading into the inner ring.
7. Depending on the width of your tire you may have to push the outer bead down towards the wheel in order to properly thread the bolts. A second set of hands might be needed if the tire is too wide.
8. Make sure all bolts are started by hand and are threaded in a couple threads before using tools to ensure no cross threading is happening.
9. Tighten the bolts in a star pattern a few turns at a time to make sure of even pressure on the outer beadlock ring.
10.After each bolt is snug begin torqueing the bolts to 10ft/lbs. again in the star pattern until all bolts reach 10ft/lbs.
11. Once the bolts are at 10ft/lbs, go back through in a star pattern and torque them to 20ft/lbs.
12. Inflate the tire to seat the inner bead. DO NOT exceed the tire manufacturer’s recommended maximum pressure for seating.

Note: Re-torque the ring bolts every 50 miles until 200 miles is reached on the wheels.

I placed my rim on a 5 gallon bucket when I mounted my tires. It lets the tire droop down and sit completely on the wheel. That makes it easy to get the tire centered on the wheel before putting the lock ring in place and helps seal the backside when airing up and seating the rear bead.
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