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Just completed the Trail Armor Skid plate install on my 2021 KRX and overall the install was easy and straightforward. Here are are my methods and thoughts on the process.

Method: I used Rhino auto ramps under the rear wheels to get extra working room for the rear and center sections. Having two sets would have made the job even easier. Make sure you block the front wheels for additional security.

Tools: For the install I used: 10mm socket and wrench, Dewalt impact driver, center punch to mark the 6 pilot holes, small drill bit for the 6 pilot holes, medium drill bit to enlarge pilot holes, grease/anti-seize for the threads and my dad for crucial assistance!

Process: The directions were spot on. I think there was one typo regarding the length of the single bolt used to hold the spacer but that’s about it. I took my time checking and double checking bolts and plate spacing so my install time was about 3 hours. I was not in a hurry. Based on videos I watched, and forum posts I read, I used a center punch to mark the six holes and then pre-drilled them before installing the self tappers. I also added a little grease to the treads to help out if I need to remove the plates years from now. After I was done I hand tightened every bolt making sure not to over do it.

Issues: I only encountered two issues during the install. The first problem was removing the Phillips head screws from several of the plates. They were screwed in very tight and wanted the strip during removal. Thankfully, I got them all removed without resorting to desperate measures. The second issue had to do with two of the self tappers/cup holes not aligning to the predrilled holes on the center skidplate. I believe this is Kawasak’s fault because every other hole was on the money. I left them off for now and will go back with a dremel to enlarge the two cup holes on the trail armor plate in the direction on the pre-existing frame holes.

Overall: The quality of the plates and supplied hardware are top notch and look ready for future abuse. The instructions and included pictures where very helpful and the process was straightforward. Finally, if you are claustrophobic then spending several hours directly under a 2,000 pound machine could be a challenge.

I would easily recommend these to anyone who is in the market for a new set of skid plates. Looking forward to putting some miles on them.



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