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Made a gas door

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It’s awfully nice to have a metal break. Thought it turned out pretty well. Spring loaded door hinge from ace hardware. It’s a bit difficult to get the opening geometry just right.
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Well that is just very cool! Looks completely professional, you should make some to sell to the rest of us...
Thanks! Yes I might make some of these if there is some interest.
Ok, I can make these for $80 plus shipping.
Made of mild steel with welded-on mild steel spring loaded hinge.
Painted w Excel XL Classic Acrylic Urethane flat black (prototype pictured above is more of a semi-gloss black rattle can).
Will include a template for hole drilling, and 4 screws.
These will be hand-made but I will bolt each one to my own machine to ensure proper function.

Priced to be second from the top of the market. The top one is $99 and made of aluminum. It and mine are the only ones I see that have more than 1 bend. Notice mine has a final bend in at the very top.

Please PM me if you are serious. Thanks guys!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts