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Finally got some underbody lights installed. Went with 2 colors white and green(didnt need them to flash or strobe). Bought truck bed lights from Amazon for 20.00 per set. Each set comes with 8 pods containing 3 leds per pod. The green lights I put 2 pods in the grill, one pod in each wheel well and 2 in the rear grill. The white pods I put 1 in each wheel well 1 in driver and passenger floor board area and since that left me with 2 I put those in each storage compartment, so yes I have interior lights now too. Each color has it's own illuminated switch. The white are going to be used primarily for loading on a trailer at night or if light is needed to inspect something in the wheel wells. The green just for looks. Let me know what you think! I did run a separate led light to act as a dome light.
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