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KRX4 Shifter Cable Rubbing the Driveshaft

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My son caught this while combing over his KRX4. It's new with maybe 50 miles on it. Looks like the shifter cable is held off the driveshaft with a couple of zip ties. One ties off to the coolant hose (pictured). There's a second that ties off to the frame toward the rear. It appears neither one of them were tightened during assy. He snugged the zip ties down and made an appointment with the dealer to have the shifter cable replaced. We're assuming they'll warranty it. Hopefully, it's a just one-off. But, worth checking.

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My machine had alternator kit @ purchase, conductor was laying on drive shaft, son saw it first day.
Was the alternator kit installed at the factory or by the dealership?
Invoice had Alternator & roof listed separately, found fasteners missing & one holding console together stripped (gotta be from impact tools). I'd speculate but...
Dealer this machine was purchased at hasn't heard of any issues of KRX's 'jumping out of gear'.
Showed a short video of it happening to me on a long downhill & their reply was, 'we'll have to recreate it to do anything about it'. Not a hill for 40 miles in this area!
Dealer I got a second KRX from has a tendency to allow folks to run vehicles pretty hard on the asphalt, Carnivores lost some serious mileage just before I picked it up. They have hills there but man it's tough to leave these over night with the key...
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