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I am still getting my buggy ready for 2023, mentioned all the stuff I plan to do on several threads.. I bought my 2020 KRX 1000 used about 6-8 months ago with 3200 ish miles in…

Today, I dug into the clutch, installed some FA rear shock braces, and FA Uni Air Filter.

Really glad I inspected the clutch. If has a after market clutch, one of the Cir Clips was missing, have a bit of grooving. I cleaned them up, then I took some 500grit wet sand paper to them. To remove some of the grooving and clean them up. I will run these until the JBS clutch comes in, and then I will keep these as spares.

Hmmm… the pictures are not showing up in the order I wanted… so they are out of order.

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