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I most certainly would buy eight new snap rings and replace the old ones. One can see that the snap ring in the upper right in the photo has been spread open too far and will not be able to retain the pin. You are lucky that the pin that was missing a snap ring did not come out and do some major damage. Snap rings have a flat side and a somewhat convex side. To ensure maximum retention capability of the snap ring make sure the flat side of the snap ring faces outward towards the end of the pin. During installation, spread the snap rings just far enough to go over the diameter of the end of the pin and seat into the grooves in the pin. They should fit tight enough in the grooves so that it is difficult to rotate the snap rings in the pin grooves with your fingers after installation. If not, they have been spread too far open during installation and are junk.
I am glad you mentioned the flat side, I was aware of that, however some may not have been aware.
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