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Yeah… thats been on my to do list…, from a few peeps that I trust, stated it helps out a few things, but truly helps with the heat. If you recall, the seals on one of my shocks when out.. guess which shock. The one nearest the muffler. Since I basically replaced it with a brand new one. I dont want it getting fried, like the first one. It may not have been the heat got it. Just in case it did, I have solved that problem hopefully..

Got to it today.

Getting the muffler off was easier than most have made out. Amazing what one squirt of Kroil does to rusted bolts/nuts.

Drilling out the the catalytic part of the muffler, that was about as I expected. I basically drilled a bunch of 1/2” holes into, then got my largest screw driver to cut in between all of the drill holes. That took about 30 minutes alone. Not hard, but a bit time consuming. I spent more time cleaning the outside of my muffler. It had a layer of dirt that was almost like rust. LOL. I took a wire wheel on my drill to the muffler, cleaning it all up. Looks alot better.

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