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Here's a great video of the KRX 1000 on a trail outside of Kawasaki's demo course. from the video's description it looks like it was driven in Milford, New Hampshire.

According to a comment left by the person who recorded the video:

"Overall very smooth machine, easy to drive. Power is good, but less than its Can Am competitors. Handling is predictable, and the quick adjust 2wd/4wd/diff lock switch makes it easy to make it handle how you want. You'll see some understeer around really tight stuff, like 1:04, but then you can tell that turning radius is tight enough for anything we threw at it. Handling overall is predictable and easy to use. Also this time of year means tons of leaves and pine needles on the ground, contributing to any loss of grip. 9:06 will show you turning radius. Comfort was great for the 20 minutes or so I was in it. I would have liked a little more knee room to the right of the steering wheel, but the adjustable steering wheel helped a lot."

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