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New vehicle to be released in October

After seeing patent drawings for what looked like a new Kawasaki Sport UTV a few months back, we finally received confirmation from Kawasaki by way of a teaser video released to the Kawasaki USA YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, the teaser video is short and doesn’t reveal a whole heck of a lot. What we can see is a heavily shadowed frontal view of a Sport UTV. It looks to have a wide stance and long travel suspension, but beyond that we’ve purposely been let in the dark (pun intended).

The good news is we won’t have to wait too long to get a good look at it, as the video ended with a dateline of October 7, 2019. We are counting down the days.


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Looking through the patents it might as well be called the Kawasaki RZR. Whatever information comes out at launch, I hope its enough to indicate the KRX is more of a unique offering, although a lot is all but confirmed already.
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