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Start a conversation with Craig for your best deal or order online:

Force Turbos pump fuel turbo system is designed specifically for all Kawasaki KRX units from 2020-2022.

With a boost level of 5 psi and high-volume design, you are sure to get the additional horsepower you are looking for with minimal stress on the motor. Your Kawasaki KRX will see a dramatic horsepower increase to the wheels, from 79 RWHP to near and above 119 RWHP and from 54 FTLBS torque stock to 81 FTLBS of torque with the turbo system.

Turbo System Includes the Following:

  • Garrett Turbo
  • Dynojet Powervision 3 with tune
  • Dynojet Wideband AFR controller
  • 2.5" aluminum charge tube
  • 3" cold air intake
  • 4 ply silicone
  • Stainless steel high flow turbo supply pipe and exhaust components
  • Braided stainless steel supply lines
  • All necessary fittings, hoses, clamps, and hardware
System Upgrades:

  • Installation (call and schedule)
  • Dynojet Clutching (not included in the turbo system)

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We tested the Force Turbo.

Here are the results from the Delta Proving Grounds 7-14-21

Test Machine 1 Force Turbo KXR with Dynojet clutch kit. 35" Coyote tires.
Test Machine 2 Vforce John tuned KRX with a lot of clutch work and cat removed. 35" System 3 tires.

Looking at 0-60 time-- 8.4 seconds on a hot day at 4700' elevation.
Overall Quality--Quality looks good
0-30 time-- I don't have that yet
Lag and throttle response-- The throttle response off the line is as good as Vforce John tuned KRX (we raced one at the track). No lag from the turbo
Flat spots and smoothness throughout the RPM range-- No flat spots. A little bit of blubbering was heard at low RPM. The noise did not affect how it ran and it was very minor.
Overall drivability and how the machine works on obstacles--Drivability was very good. Once the internal clutch has engaged the performance is close to a stock RZR Turbo
Low end response-- Same as a Vforce John machine (Force is better than stock)
Exhaust note and loudness-- 5 DB louder than stock at idle. Tone is deeper than stock. Louder than stock when it's punched.
Overall toughness-- The kit looks tough
Clutching-- Force is using a Dynojet Clutch kit. The clutch kit is not part of the Turbo kit.
Boost tube running in front of the clutch-- The tube comes off with two clamps. Force tells me that this was done to keep the bed open for storage. With that said, this was the 2nd least favorite part of the kit to me.
Tuning-- Dynojet PV3, Force will tweek your tune and send it back to you after you data log a run on your KRX and send it to them.
Injectors-- Stock
Intercooler or lack of-- This was not a problem as we checked the charge tube temp on the PV3 after several hard pulls drag racing test machine 2. Charge tube temps were 134 when we checked.
Plastic manifold at 5 psi-- The plastic manifold has been holding. Force tells me this should not be an issue.
Water in-leakage (submerged?) I asked the question. Sorry I cannot remember what Bryce from Force told me. We did not have any water to submerge the test vehicle in.
Dust in-leakage-- I wanted to pull the air cleaner and check but I just forgot.
Warranty-- 14 days. That is my least favorite part of the kit.
Drag race a stock KRX-- We only had the Vforce tuned KRX available. The Vforce was strong off the line and kept up with the Force Turbo to about 25 mph. After that the turbo machine just left the non-turbo KRX.

The Force machine was fun to drive. My impression of the Force kit is that this is good for someone who wants more power without reliability issues. The way the machine brings the power on should not tear up your stock internal clutch or ruin the belt prematurely. The machine pulled strong once the internal clutch was engaged and that should help reliability. We jumped it, ran it on a short course, rock crawled it and drag raced it. In addition we took a close look at everything connected to the turbo.

Bottom line, your not going to outrun a Polaris XPT with a Force Turbo KRX. You will have a blast driving it.

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These are going fast. If you want one, order now because there are only 3 left and they will not be back in stock until September!

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Interesting facts about the Force Turbo:

1. Uses two O2 sensors in addition to the stock O2 sensor.
2. Comes with a Dynojet PV3
3. Also comes with a Dynojet Widband O2 sensor
4. Turbo is directly in front of the exhaust ports and comes with a heat shield blanket.
5. Comes with a complete new exhaust system
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