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purchased the 6 point harness and it finally arrived. Kawasaki says 90 minutes to install but I don't see how that is possible as it took me nearly 3 hours.
Here are a few tips about the install:
1. The bolts that hold down the seat railing to the frame are different lengths so pay attention
2. A few only videos say to use a cut off wheel on your dremel, Dont as it will melt the plastic and look like shit.
Instead use a dremel bit as it will cut and shaved the plastic without melting it
3. The mounting brackets will appear to not fit in the cut out area but go ahead and get bolts threadEd and the bracket will fall into place
4. Videos show removing the center console but you don't have to, instead remove the plastic pop rivets and Phillips head screwdriver around center console and the electrical connection is accessible

It seat belts are well made and look great
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