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Initial impressions of KRQ accessories

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To save some money, I decided I would install the following Kawasaki KRX accessories; KQR sport black roof, KQR rear storage box, KQR dash net with non slip tray, Kawasaki rear view mirror, KQR 1/2 windshield. Here are what I perceive to be pros and cons.

KQR sport roof. Pros. Easy to install, looks good, doesn’t rattle
Cons. No rain channel, I guess KRX riders don’t experience rain

KQR dash net with non slip tray. Pros. Makes a largely useless space somewhat useful
Cons. Not that easy to install. Really, couldn’t Kawasaki include a template to help the hole drilling, or just have some knockout holes? Doesn’t look that durable. The net is held in by rubber plugs. Treat gently

KQR 1/2 windshield. Pros. Easy to install, fit looks good, windshield looks good
Cons. A big visual distortion line where the windshield curves out. Very distracting. I come from a Yamaha Wolverine r-spec with a 1/2 windshield. No distortion, great wind deflection. Do Kawasaki designers use their products? I have a feeling this will ultimately be a wasted purchase

Kawasaki rear view mirror. Pros. Easy to install, optics good, without distortion. Looks sturdy
Cons. Big

KQR rear storage box. Pros. Would probably look good if I could have installed it
Cons. The mounting holes did not match the mounting brackets on the Kawasaki. couldn‘t install it
Don’t believe how easy it is to install. They want you to add an extra nut and bolt to the mounting hardware. They show the technician simply reaching underneath the deck to thread the bolt onto the nut. Don‘t believe it. Impossible on the right hand side, extremely difficult on the left hand side. I finally ended up popping the plastic plugs holding the rear deck down, prying the deck up to generate enough room to thread the bolt. Oh yeah, you need a top and bottom wrench to tighten it.
Not much storage space. I’m not sure what you are supposed to carry in it, especially since it opens by dropping the rear facing side down. Be prepared for an avalanche of gear. Also, the door seemed to bind with the top.

Those are my thoughts.
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Thanks for info.. I have installed cab kit, Skids and MTX sound bar. Some issues as well. Roof n glass windshield fir great. Rear hard window is great an easy as well. Skids=directions suck n kinda PIA. MTX easy n good. Cab doors not great but work, PIA install. Heater dealer did it. Winch is easy enough as well. EMP winch mount not recommended.
I had the same issue with storage box but got it installed. I did the same thing you said and popped the plastic rivets out and lifted the plastic to get underneath for the extra nut and bolt. The other holes for the bracket (where the double sided nut goes and the box attaches to) I had to bore out a little with a larger drill bit. Gave just enough room to line the two up.
KQR 1/2 windshield update. I just returned from an 85 miles ride in Mesquite NV. Lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. The distortion from the wind deflection portion of this windshield is, IMO, DANGEROU!S. Many times, on a steeper climb, the distortion is right in your line of sight, you have little idea of what is coming. A few times, I almost missed a turn at the crest of the hill. I’m taking this poorly designed piece of junk off. Probably going with the Tusk 1/2 windshield with the conventional wind deflector.
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