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Hello from Texas!

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I love my new KRX! I’m getting it fitted out slowly but soon it will be just the way I want it. I just installed my roof today.
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Welcome to the forum Ron! The roof looks great on your KRX! What other plans do you have for it?
I built the roof and I’ve been installing lights. I went old school Baja with the front lights and installed back up/ side lights. The roof is 3/8” thick and will stop a .357 magnum round. That should stop the errant branch and it will definitely survive a roll over.
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I’m building extended front fenders next and then I’m making nerf bars/rock sliders. I almost bought the Kawasaki nerf bars but didn’t want to deal with the rust issue after they get scratched up.
Yeah that roof is going to be very solid against branches or god forbid a rollover. I can't wait to see how your fenders and nerf bars/rock sliders look!
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