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i just had to share. honestly i have a rzr900s. i have 2020 krx 15'' wheels so i can run light truck tires,and love them in every way. im 63'',s wide as well.
i ride hard and fast. well i ordered a couple sets of aftermarket stuff for like 6 to 9 bucks for set of 4. didnt work.
after 2 month of liking to be diffrent. kinda like when i had my harley, if you knew me youd no it was my ride :) so i just realized a few ways to do these caps for free.
just trying to save people some time that cant come up with ideas themselves lol. the ******* way :)
well heres some pics. found out
ole smokey moonshine lids actually snapped into place and have lasted 3 rides thru mud n muck n fast riding. they only snap on the outer biggest lip and hard to belive they have held on. i had some extras lieing around"yummy stuff"
and 4 out of 7 lids worked. the other 3 were a little catiwhompass so didnt work.
its so simple it blew my mind. but not every lid was exactly the same,just close. and it snapped in place on that little groove..crazy!
then i realized people getting high from tide pods.. tide liquid with the blue threaded cap fits good as well. you have to come up with way to secure from behine, this is what im going to do to be done with caps once and for all,and for free.
cut the cap down,insert mooneshine lid uposide down and add decal of your choice.
this way it only sticks out as much as you cut/want it to. in my case its sticking out 5/8 inch.
i will get a few rides inbetween rocks bashing my rims,as i have bad habits :)
the lid press fits nice inside the tide cap,so if it gets bashed my idea is the metal lid will pop out of the plastic holder. when i get home i drink some shine and whallla,i have a new push in center cap. dam im good!
also.. a pellet can lid can work as well.
i also thought about tapping the end of the axles for a machine screw since they already have small machined holes in them. ive spent enuff time ordering wrong crap that i could have bought some nice caps for cheap.. and since i found them and nobody else has seemed to find them,i will share that info. may have to be modified. but the truth it this.
the correct size center cap will end up being 70mm id x 73 outside diameter 70/73 i only found 1 place and its bulgaria,nice looking and cheal like 15 bucks a set. if you go on ebay and put in 70/73 wheel centre caps"yes center spelled centre" they will come up. they come with decals of your choice already there. just sharing what ive fingered out :)
the lids can be inserted upside down as well to be flush,cut the center out"the pellet can lid has a perfect circle templet as well. then add a small sample moonshine lid for the axle nut to rest in :)and the actuall chrome center caps are 69mm im using for a audi,thats why i put decals on them.. yes,im that good lmao. johnny9,merry christmas!!


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yep,started thinking and there gonna be even better lol. had an flashback and went and popped the 1/2 inch threaded part off the tide bottle lol. its glued in and has threads, gonna razor knife/trim it down sometime to see if it can thread from the back of rim and lock down :)

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youll never notice lol. they are now flush mounted and flat :) recessed 1/4 inch away from the axle nuts. turned out great and looks awesome. hey,im old,i been making things most my life being a aluminum and steel ornamental iron maker twisting scrolls and making fancy entrance gates. i cant let a little center cap whoop my azz :)
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