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Hi all......man this machine is awesome. Got a chance to put about 20 miles on her is all (major thunderstorms rolled in) but enjoyed the hell out of it. Really liked the way she handled and performed. Comfortable ride....literally nothing bad to say at this point as far as riding goes.

Transport question though.....for you guys with a winch.....where are you tying to in the front when you trailer the machine? Also, when I got home, I backed the machine off the trailer and had a heck of a time getting it into low or high gear to move forward. Any thoughts on this?

Overall very happy with this purchase. Now accessories.....ugh ha ha.
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yes... learned a long time ago with any wheeled vehicle to strap the wheels or the axle down.. If you tie to the body as you go over bumps the chassie will rebound giving slack in the ties and when it comes back up something will give.. either the ties.. strap or what ever you tie to will bend or break.. so strap your wheels or axle down n you will have no problem
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Makes sense, thanks for the feedback. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
In my opinion, this is the best way to tie down any machine.


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E track is best way, same for me..
If ya have winch, winch front down as well, works fast..
Using the winch as a tie down is a bad idea. It subjects the winch to constant shock loads every time the machine bounces. This is very hard on the winch internals, as well as the winch line, be it steel or synthetic.
Better than nothing in a pinch, but not a good method to use on a regular basis.
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Thanks for the input guys....I like that e track. Looks like it makes tying her down fast and easy and not compressing the suspension any. Appreciate the input.
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