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Engine idol adjustment?

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Can I adjust the idol myself? It's extremely hard to shift the transmission without shutting the engine off!
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?, no dotnt think so. Linkage out of adjustment? Have dealer fix under warranty?
Under warranty yes! Just didn't want to leave it with them for 2+ weeks if it was as easy as turning a screw! Lol My brother and I bought twin KRX's the same day. His idols 3 bars above the (1) and no issues when shifting the between H,L,N
Mine is 4 bars above the (1) and you have to actually hit the shifter to move it unless you cut the engine off!
Dealership had to call Kawasaki twice so far with help finding the issue. Nothing concrete yet.......
Thanks for keeping us updated .Someone else might end up with the same problem.
They found the problem... New sensor fixed it!
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