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Hey Guy's,
Just wanted to show you my exhaust project. It's a SuperTrapp 443-2217. 4" OD/2.25" ID. I made a dxf file for the flange and cut it at work. So far, the performance is crap. When I first put it on I was conservative and only used 4 disc. Wouldn't hardly get out of it's own way. Zero throttle response. Went to all 12 disc and it's better but not good. Another observation is, when I put it in low power mode it has better throttle response at idle than in regular. (Probably because it's restricted) Took all baffles out so it was just open and it rips good but really loud. All of this tells me that the stock exhaust must flow pretty darn good but ugly and heavy. For those (and I didn't) that don't understand SuperTrapp mufflers, the more disc' you add the more flow and sound you get. Ordering more today. Still working on a hanger as-well. Will report findings later.

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