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If anyone needs Dash Plates for your KRX to mount radios, etc. I have several styles available.
All these plates are cut from 1\4" HDPE that is textured on both sides and is very rigid and is not effected by heat \ cold.
The plates are all $35 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48.
If you need something special cut out just let me know, I'll try to make what you need.
I normally don't ship these with screws as they are difficult to keep from getting damaged in the mailers I use to be able to ship these for free but I recommend a coarse threat flat head screw that you can get at any hardware store, Lowes, Etc.
These can be paid via PayPal at [email protected] or you can purchase on my ebay page at https://www.ebay.com/sch/scornellwv/m.html...

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Nice Stuff! I'm kind of burnt on the Japanese transformer/megalodon style dashes. Trying to convert the very same space to a more business like look to house a Rugged Radio install is......frustrating. Nothing I can think of design wise so far is resonating with me. The pull out rack look is sort of doing it.

Might be dropping you a line :)

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