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I am offering these cubby hole cover \ tablet mount doors for sale
These covers are sealed to the cubby hole with a neoprene gasket and are dust and water resistant, I have a keyed lock option as well so you can secure items in this compartment.
The door will not be drilled so you can mount your choice of tablet mount if you choose, I will include a 1\2 spacer that can be used for extra clearance if you decide to mount the tablet mount directly on the door, I also have on a very strong magnetic mount from Klock Werks for a tablet that won't require any type of RAM mount holder. (see pics) The price for these is $125 shipped.
For the keyed lock add $10
The Klock Werks system with the cover is $50 (retails for $80)


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I've been working on a similar thing for a few months. Hunting season and being sick for month has put me way behind on everything. I just got some door bushings back in stock for the first time since before Thanksgiving. Just about got it dialed in, I think I got a version 1 mount and a V2 door installed in my machine right now. I have a upgraded part of each I need to try. I'm aiming for OE installed look for a 8" tablet with the tablet being locked in and quick release.

It's good to see owners making stuff these.

Crappy pick of version one without the lock installed. Its all I got on my phone.
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