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Buy now or wait

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I was deciding if I should buy a sxs and wondering why the KRXs seem to be several thousand dollars off MSRP which is a good thing the cheapest around where I live I found going for $18,100 OTD since this is the first model and maybe working a few bugs out should I buy now or wait till this time next year on a 2021 model? Not sure how reliable the KRX is yet… I am also looking at a few other brands. I wonder if the incentives and pricing would be around the same next year?
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I haven't heard about any major issues with the KRX. I believe a lot depends on how you treat the machine and follow the owner's manual and stick to the break in instructions. As far as pricing goes there are extenuating circumstances (covid-19) that I believe are driving down the price of the KRX and in an effort to at least move units dealers are willing to sell close to cost. I bought mine from Big St Charles in Missouri for 16300 before tax and registration. My local dealer said he would have matched that price(which is always easy to say after the fact). So long and short of it is you could wait but once the economy becomes somewhat normal discounts may not be as deep. Kawasaki has been building ATV and sxs for some time now so it's not like they are completely new to the game. Even car manufacturers recall vehicles they have been building for yrs. Choice is yours but I think now is the time to buy!
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I would say buy it the worst that can happen is you sell it or the bank gets it back, but the smiles you get from it will be priceless. America was built on fools like all of us who love toys and stimulate the economy.
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