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Finally got to put the Bloodaxe’s to the test yesterday at Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch in Kingston, Ar.

First, let me say that this is my favorite place to camp and ride and if you’ve never been you owe it to yourself to plan a weekend there. wildernessrider.com

WRBR has a good mixture of everything ranging from easy to moderate with a few sections that could be considered difficult for new riders or smaller machines. Having just put the 35’s on I was excited to get out and see how they perform. Flawless is all I can say, it’s like cheating at everything now. I mean the KRX is a beast out of the box but putting 35’s on just makes it that much more unstoppable.

The Bloodaxe’s handled everything with ease, big rocks, deep mud, loos pack, hard pack. All of it no problem.

I ran 10psi rear and 8psi front and they did great handling the wide range of terrain. If i were solely rock crawling I would probably drop another couple psi as the rears tended to spin just a little climbing bigger rocks.
There is one section that is a pretty steep incline with some big boulders. Three weeks ago with the 31” Carnivore’s I bottomed out pretty hard, this time I never made contact with anything.

While the Bloodaxe’s are not a mud tire they did a great job handling some of the deeper pits in tha trails. Braven makes the Berserker for mud, I wanted a tire that could truly handle a little of everything and I think the Bloodaxe nails it on the head.

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