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I made up a rear windscreen on the rear of my Krx to stop some of the back draft and dust on me and my gear.. I tried it out on a few runs and it works quite well.. its easy to make so thought share if anyone was interested on making one up themselves.

easy to make..
roll of shade screen from Lowes
roll of strap poly webbing found at home depot or amazon
tarp eyelet kit harbor freight or hardware store
tube of 3m window weld auto windshield adhesive .. auto glass shop or amazon
big piece of cardboard to. make a templet to trace out and cut to size...
lay out scraping on edge of cardboard and staple to hold while you run two beads of window weld along the strap and glue corners together.. lay out screen over cardboard and glue.. run two more beads along the edge and place another strap over it.. the window weld will set up in a half hour enough to handle and remove staples and cardboard.. punch in some eyelets and zip strip on.. its that easy... be careful with the window weld as it sticks and won't come off anything it touches and sets up quick so once you crack the tube open your committed to using it.
hope this helps.
as you can see here it does a good job of keeping the back shaded.. and keeps the dust to a minimum in the back..
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