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The factory sound system got a bad rep right off the get go because they had lots of failures, my whole system got replaced at the dealer. An I was not very happy that it failed withing a week of purchasing it. But kawi stood behind it 100% an there was no run around about it. Now it did take a little time for them to send the parts to fix it, but that seems to be the normal with EVERYTHING now. Back when I bought mine the whole sound system was one part #. They have since changed that an separated the amp/ head unit where it can be shipped separately. So hopefully that makes things a little faster on the availability. I have had 0 issues since. And I agree, it does have quality sound an for having just two 6.5" door speakers an a subwoofer I can hear it when riding no problem. I know they make 2 more pod speakers that are plug an play but I've never felt the need to purchase to them. (And there pricey imo) Is there louder systems out there? I'm sure there is, but I like the factory look an mine being a SE I didn't have to install it lol. And once u make some adjustments to the equilizer that makes a world of difference. I've personally never had any issues with the Bluetooth like mentioned above.
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