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After a few phone calls, I ordered one. Hadn't heard of them before (even checked here) and found out they also make enclosures. I went with their half windshield because it is 11" tall (not the 10" mentioned earlier), right in between two other products. At 6'3" sitting upright with the seat all the way back, I didn't want a summer windshield that would send the deflected air and bugs into my face. I think the SuperATV would have done that at just over 9" tall. The Tusk at 13" wouldn't have, but hear tell it flexes at speed because it's made of 3/16" poly.

The windshield arrived a few days later wrapped in a generous amount of bubble wrap, protective film intact, with velcro straps, instructions and edge seals installed. It's 1/4" thick, made of M10 MarGard poly coated on both sides and with a decent deflection angle. Before I removed the film, I fit it to the cage, tie wrapped it in place and took a ride. It doesn't deflect much air at less than 10mph, but the faster you go the better it works. At 50mph, it didn't flex or bow and sent the wind up and over my head and out the back. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Got back to the shop, took the windshield off and stripped the interior film. There was a line of residue left over from the bend, but it came off with a microfiber and 10 minutes of careful elbow grease. This had no effect on the poly. 3 Star recommends a coat of liquid wax so I sprayed a bit of Meguire's Quik Wax on a corner to check compatibility, again with no issue. Applied a coat on the inside, flipped it over, striped the exterior film off, wiped it down and waxed it also. Both sides lightly buffed out just fine, just use clean microfibers. Strapped it on the cage where it will stay for the rest of the summer. I am not affiliated with 3 Star.




Anyone dealt with 3 Star Industries out of Carlisle, KY? They have a taller half windshield in 1/4" poly for about the same price as the 3/16" Tusk.
3 Star got back to me, their windshield is 10" tall. Barely taller than the SuperATV and substantially shorter than the Tusk.
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