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2nd ride gripes

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So took the krx for the second ride this weekend and about 10 mins after the first mud hole I hit she started over heating. Pulled off and found out the grill pops right off for easy cleaning of the radiator. That was awesome. But cleaned it up went riding more and still over heating. So finally Got it home and took the pressure cleaner to it ( didn’t see much mud in there, but maybe it was just enough to make it unhappy) so hopefully that fixes it

2nd we got caught in a rain storm and realized that since the roof is slanted forward and I have the 1/2 windshield, anytime u slow down or hit a downward woop ur lap fills with water. I can’t find any kind of drip rail sold yet for this bike. Anyone else have this problem?

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Sounds like you may have air in your system, and need to burp it. Not uncommon on new machines.
I would never put a half windshield on my machine for reasons like that. I always use full glass on mine. No rain or mud hitting us in the face, and none in our laps when we slow down or stop. Half windshields are pretty popular with a lot of folks, but I just don't understand why???
I haven't seen or heard of any sort of drip rail like you want. Seems like a person should be able to come up with something. You might consider asking about this over on the Polaris RZR Forums. Thousands of members there, and they would have the same type of issue.
I was thinking about air in the coolant. Might try and burp it just incase. My first weekend ride was about 10 hrs and I was surprised I didn’t get over 195 and that was riding straight through sugarsand.

I’ll have to check the other forums. That’s a good idea.

I like the half windshields just because I feel like the full ones won’t have enough airflow along with getting dirty and having to clean it along rides.

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