Excellent condition. 20k OBO.

Mileage: 442
Add ons: I
MTS suspension
Kawasaki Alternator added on
Stereo with rear bass speaker
Spare tire and tire holder
Both seats flip up
Shifter replaced with aftermarket
Method bead lock wheels with 32x10-15 BFG KM3 tires
Milwaukee packout rack and boxes.
Kawasaki Winch
5150 buggy whips
Assault Aftermarket steering wheel
Kawasaki 4 point retractable harnesses.
Bosman front bumper
All rock guards everywhere
Rock sliders
All kinds of prp storage bags.
Seat covers since new
Flip up windshield
Kawasaki light bar on roof
Swampox tailgate.
Cooling lines wrapped with heatshield.
Engine compart has heat shield throughout.
MBP exhaust
Wider fenders
Approximately 37k in it.