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A full list of Kawasaki KRX specifications will release around early October 2019.

For now, a lot can be learned from Kawasaki Side-By-Side Vehicle patents filed back in February, the official teaser video and general expectations from the booming Sport Side-By-Side segment as seen with models like the Honda Talon, Yamaha YXZ and Polaris RZR.

As seen in the patents, we won't be getting a v-twin, but possibly a setup similar to the 812cc three-cylinder engine setup currently found in the MULE where its mated to a CVT transmission. Hopefully with power output in line with other sport UTV's, around 100-120 hp. A removable cargo bed floor will allow for easy access to the engine.

With design similar to the above sport UTV's mentioned, comes a suspension setup that follows suit with the ability for extensive travel, zero wheel overhang allowing for some of the best approach and departure angles, dual a-arms in the front with three-line trailing arms out back and many more.

In the cabin is seating for two with an 8-point roll cage extending out to the rear for full protection.

See what else the KRX will have by going through the patents yourself.

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All I know is this 3-cylinder engine desperately needs some form of forced induction to keep power/torque numbers up, especially in line with its rivals like the RZR, Talon and YXZ. Kawasaki almost always match figures of the competition. So i'm going to say Supercharger.

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All I know is this 3-cylinder engine desperately needs some form of forced induction to keep power/torque numbers up, especially in line with its rivals like the RZR, Talon and YXZ. Kawasaki almost always match figures of the competition. So i'm going to say Supercharger.
Fortunately there's a lot of space in the engine bay. If power isn't enough, I might go with aftermarket FI.

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So from what I've been able to read from this ATV.com article and the press release (https://www.atv.com/manufacturer/kawasaki/kawasaki-teryx-krx-1000-unveiled) here are the key specs to the KRX.

  • Starting price: $20,499
  • Nearly 50 accessories available, which include:
  • Full and half windshields
  • Multiple roof options
  • Vehicle protection components including front and rear bumper, additional skid plates, a-arm and trailing arm guards.
  • Owners can also add LED light bars, a dome light, rearview and side mirrors, an audio system and winch.
  • Pre-selected accessories packages are also available.
  • Four 10-inch stainless steel rotors with a thickness of 5.8 mm.
  • Front discs: twin-piston calipers with 32 mm pistons.
  • Rear discs: single-piston calipers with 38 mm pistons.
Cargo Space:
  • The rear cargo area can hold up to 350 pounds and is recessed with four cargo hooks built in.
  • Cargo can be secured using the four cargo hooks built into the carrier bottom.
  • 32” spare tire.
  • The KRX has a new highly rigid frame that incorporates the ROPS as a stressed member.
  • The energy-absorbing ROPS design helps disperse stress, contributing to durability. The ROPS pillars feature a patent pending arched construction to help disperse stress.
  • Engineers placed the B-pillars along the same line as the rear shocks, allowing them to effectively counter the forces exerted by the shocks on the frame.
  • 99-inch wheelbase and 59-inch wide track.
  • 90 degree approach and departure angles.
  • It has a large wheel caster of 10 degrees.
  • The rear-engine design results in a 46/54 weight distribution.
  • It has over 14 inches of ground clearance.
  • The undercarriage is covered with a combination of plastic and steel skid plates with more than 80% of the protection composed of steel pieces. Additional steel plates behind the front fenders offer further protection to the vehicle from rocks and other flying debris.
  • Lime Green / Metallic Onyx Black
  • Metallic Moondust White / Metallic Onyx Black
Digital Instrument Cluster:
- The multi-function display includes the following features:
  • Bar-style tachometer (2 display options)
  • Digital speedometer
  • Bar-style fuel gauge
  • Gear indicator (L, H, N, R)
  • Power Mode
  • Driving mode (2WD/4WD/4WD+Diff Lock) indicator
  • Economical Riding Indicator
  • Clock
  • Odometer
  • Dual trip meters
  • Hour meter
  • Water temperature
  • Digital battery gauge
  • Bar-style CTV temperature
  • Seatbelt warning lamp
  • Oil warning lamp
  • Engine check lamp
  • Water temperature warning lamp
  • Neutral indicator lamp
  • Reverse indicator lamp
  • Parking indicator lamp
  • EPS warning lamp
  • CVT belt warning lamp
  • It comes with a new naturally aspirated 999cc parallel twin engine with selectable power modes (Full Power and Low Power).
  • It produces 112.6 horsepower and has a bore and stroke that is set at 92.0 mm x 75.1 mm.
  • It comes with two snorkel air intakes behind the driver and passenger doors.
  • Pre-filters at the intake entrances help ensure minimal dust ingestion and are complimented with a Donaldson air filter located downstream in the engine intake.
  • 20-liter intake chamber helps ensure undisturbed airflow into each of the two intake funnels.
  • An electronic throttle valve system enables the ECU to control the volume of both the fuel (via fuel injectors) and the air (via throttle valves) delivered to the engine.
  • Dual 50 mm throttle bodies help flow a large volume of air.
  • Similar to Kawasaki’s Ninja® ZX™-10R supersport flagship motorcycle, the intake port exits are machined in two stages (first along with the valve seats, then again at an inclined angle).
  • High-backed, form-fitting bucket seats and three-point seatbelts support the driver and passenger.
  • Lever-adjustable driver seat.
  • Six-point seatbelts are available as Kawasaki Genuine Accessories.
  • Standard half doors. The doors are higher at the shoulder, to offer protection from mud as well as increase ride comfort with armrests built into the doors for both the driver and passenger.
  • Water-resistant storage container located above the center console.
  • 5 cupholders.
  • DC socket integrated into the dashboard provides a power supply (up to 120 W) for accessory items or personal devices.
  • Double-wishbone set up with 19 inches of travel in the front, with a 4-link rear trailing arm controls 21 inches of travel.
  • FOX 2.5 Podium LSC shocks are found at all four corners and offer adjustable preload and 24-way compression damping.
  • Socks are dual-rate coil-over springs, front and rear piggyback reservoirs, and stainless sleeves (rear shocks only).
  • The KRX comes with 31-inch Maxxis Carnivore tires wrapped around 15-inch aluminum beadlock wheels.
  • Large M10 bolts are reinforced with inserts in the female thread for extra holding power.
  • The engine is paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and centrifugal clutch.
  • The centrifugal clutch is located between the crankshaft and CVT drive pulley. This position allows it to eliminate the shock of the CVT belt engaging, which facilitates smooth departures from a stop.
  • Four-wheel drive and the front differential lock are selectable on the fly.

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The Teryx KRX 1000 sport side x side’s compact new 999 cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke parallel twin engine with a bore and stroke that is set at 92.0 mm x 75.1 mm delivers both high-rpm power and robust low-end torque to accommodate a wide range of situations, from trail running to technical sections.
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