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Pricing of the all-new 2020 Kawasaki KRX is expected to start around $19,000.

Official build and price details will be available as the KRX makes its world debut on October 7, 2019. Weeks ahead of the big day, Kawasaki dealers have begun taking $500 deposits. Unfortunately they aren’t able to provide any information but inside sources claim KRX’s will arrive late September.

Comparing the KRX to its competition gives us an idea of what price could start from.

Kawasaki KRX vs Polaris RZR, Honda Talon & Yamaha YXZ
  • Polaris RZR: $18,599-$23,599
  • Yamaha YXZ: $18,999-$21,799
  • Honda Talon: $19,999-$20,999
Anyone that dissected the KRX patent images might have noticed similarities to the RZR, which combined with the reputation Kawasaki has within the community, known as a brand for offering better overall build quality and reliability, makes for pricing that can start around where the YXZ does.

As for build options, we’ll have to wait for the early October launch. It’s Kawasaki’s first sport UTV leaving us lots of possibilities to consider and questions to be answered, even with the patents that already reveal a lot.

What KRX models would you like to see available from launch?

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I feel like they have to make sure it's competitively priced in order to have it really stand out against the competition. If it's priced like that and performs well it'll be a huge success.
Kawi doesn't have a choice.
Existing rivals in the market already created restrictions on where the KRX can be priced.
At this point its about how competitive Kawasaki wants to be and being Kawasaki it can go either way.
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