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  1. KRX 4 Seat
    Has anyone installed the factory spare tire carrier that lifts up on a KRX4 1000 es Special edition? Would like to know how much space is underneath and if it’s compatible with the hifonics speaker. If anyone has pictures and measurements that would be great!
  2. KRX For Sale
    selling a barely used Tusk spare tire mount. It's in perfect shape with all the hardware buyer pays for the shipping for more info, call at 5032501747
    $225 USD
  3. Aftermarket Parts
    Curious if anyone has had any experience with the Kawasaki spare tire/cargo rack? I have heard they are no good. Are there any other Cargo racks out there for the krx 1000 I've searched and can't find anything online. Plus if nothing on Cargo rack what is the best spare tire carrier I've seen...
  4. 2020+ Kawasaki KRX General Discussion Forum
    Anyone gone from an X3 to a KRX. I have an incredibly fast, great handling Can X3 XRC but these things seem to made for just that, going incredibly fast. The faster you go, the better it gets. But I do exploration rides in the Arizona mountains and encounter lots and lots ROCKS. Rough, chunky...
1-4 of 4 Results