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  1. Repair and Maintenance
    Hello I am new to the forum and wanted to join because I found something new that I can't find any information on about the 2023 KRXs. Late last year I bought a 2023 Krx 100 es. This thing has been awesome so far but I came from Polaris and I'm use to having a box full of spare parts on my...
  2. 2020+ Kawasaki KRX General Discussion Forum
    I am a Sales Representative for a dealership in MN. I delivered a brand new 2023 KRX eS 2 seater this morning. 0 miles on machine and it's about 5 degrees outside here for conditions. My customer got his machine home and off of his trailer, and he sent me a video concerned about the KECS showing...
1-2 of 2 Results